Back from an amazing weekend in Brattleboro, Vermont!

What an amazing time we had in Brattleboro!

The ‘Mates spent this past weekend in Brattleboro, Vermont, home to current ‘Mate Aurora Phillips! On Friday evening we were lucky enough to sing a small set at Restaurant Duo, a fantastic food spot in the heart of Brattleboro center. They were extremely kind to host us for a song, and we were more than happy to return the next morning for a quick brunch-time performance. Later on Friday night we attended a concert at the Brattleboro Museum, where we got to hear some AMAZING high-schoolers sing a cappella! One of the high-school groups performed our tradition song, “I Want You Back” by the Jackson Five (future ‘Mates perhaps?!), and all of the groups blew us away. It was with great pleasure that we got to close the show at the museum with “Take Me To Church” by Hozier.

Finally, our main event on Saturday night was a blast as we sang a four-song set for a large audience at the Latchis Theater for the 12th Annual College A Cappella Concert. We loved opening the concert only to be followed by some great performances by the University of Vermont’s Cat’s Meow, Williams College Ephlats, Middlebury D8’s, Clark Bars, and the Tufts Beelzebubs. What a blast.

And a huge thanks to Angela Daprato for hosting us in Brattleboro with great food and a place to stay! 020715_acappella_kr023

Thank you!

The ‘Mates would like to thank the hard-working callbackees from last night, and all auditionees.

We will not be adding anyone to our group at this time but encourage all singers to keep doing what they do! We will be hosting auditions again in the Fall of 2015 (less than 10 months away!).


Tickets are on sale for the 12th Annual Collegiate A Cappella concert in Brattleboro, VT! This is one of the best a cappella events in the region, held in the historic, newly restored Latchis Hotel Theatre and has been a HUGE hit eleven years running. The tickets sell like hot cakes so if you can make it to Vermont in early February, get them now! The Tufts University Beelzebubs will also be there, so it’s guaranteed to be a spectacular show.dartmouth airesWe can’t wait and hope to see you there!

Link to TICKETS:

‘Mates in the Media!

The Amalgamates are going to be performing in Wellesley High School’s ‘Acatober’ concert this Friday, and we’re thrilled to know that the locals are just as excited as we are!

Check out this great article from the Wellesley Townsman!

Wellesley's own 'Inchordination' –one of the five groups performing on Friday
Wellesley’s own ‘Inchordination’ – one of the five groups performing on Friday