Current Repertoire

Here is a list of the songs we are currently performing!

Artist: Raleigh Ritchie
Soloist: Jeremy Silver
Arrangement: Tammara Gary*

Chasing Pavements
Artist: Adele
Soloist: Isabelle Vrod
Arrangement: Lauren Jacobs

Chasing Twisters
Artist: Delta Rae
Soloist: Morgan Babbs
Arrangement: Alex Green ’10

Good Girl
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Soloist: Morgan Babbs
Arrangement: Allie Katz A’13

I Think I’m In Love
Artist: Kat Dahlia
Soloist: Lauren Jacobs
Arrangement: Alex Green ’10

I Want You Back
Artist: Jackson 5
Soloist: Morgan Babbs
Arrangement: Courtney Simson

Artist: Labrinth
Soloist: Isabelle Vrod
Arrangement: Mallory Feldman and Sammy Nunan

Let It Be
Artist: Labrinth
Soloist: Aurora Phillips
Arrangement: Will Finlay ’14

Lay Me Down
Artist: Sam Smith
Soloist: Paul Matthews
Arrangement: Tammara Gary

Say You Love Me
Artist: Jessie Ware
Soloist: Mallory Feldman
Arrangement: Sammy Nunan

Take Me to Church
Artist: Hozier
Soloist: Sammy Nunan
Arrangement: Lauren Jacobs

You And Me
Artist: You and Me
Soloists: Isabelle Vrod and Sammy Nunan
Arrangement: Lauren Jacobs

*With edits by W. Finlay and L. Jacobs

**All arrangements are produced by current or graduated Amalgamates

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